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Do This First!

Important: Before beginning this process, please make sure you are logged out of your social media completely. If you omit this step, you will authorize your own social media account rather than your department's social media account and your personal content will display on your USD website. 

  1. Go to the Facebook site.
  2. Click on the arrow on the far right of the global bar.
  3. Click on "Log Out".

Start Authorization for Social Connection Display

  1. In your browser, go to: Social Media Authorization. If needed, log in through the portal first with your USDOne account.
  2. From the drop-down "Please select the Social Media Site" select Facebook.
  3. Enter your Facebook username in the text box labeled "Please provide the username of the Social Media account that will be granting access."
  4. Click on Submit.

Turn on Facebook Apps, Websites and Games Setting

  1. Once you click on submit, you will be redirected to the Facebook website.  Please login with the username that you entered  in #3 above.
  2. IF you have not turned on apps, websites and games, you will be prompted to turn them on.

NOTE: You must turn turn this feature on in order for the social media app to work.

Confirm That You Are Using the Correct Account

  1. You will be prompted to continue the process as the username you entered in the previous step. Click "Continue as [ user ]" to proceed.
  2. After logging in, authorize the app access by clicking on "Authorize".

NOTE: If you are logged in with the incorrect Facebook account, you can log in to a different account at this point by clicking on "Log into another account." Ninety-nine percent of the time, this will not be a problem. 

Select the Pages you want to display on the University website(s)

  1. You will be presented with a list of pages that your account manages.
  2. Click the checkbox for any page you want to display posts from. 

Grant Permissions for the Selected Pages

  1. You will be presented with the list of permissions required for the Facebook app to be able to pull posts from the page(s) you manage.

NOTE: You must set the toggle to Yes, in order for USD to access posts on your Facebook page. 

Acknowledgement of App Setup

  1. Click on OK to acknowledge the completion of the App setup on Facebook

Confirm the Facebook Pages You want to display on the USD website

  1. You will be returned to where you will be presented with a page that looks like the image on the right.
  2. Click the checkbox next to any facebook pages that you would like displayed on USD's website.
  3. Click on Save Selections.

Capture the Information Displayed

  1. Copy this information and paste it somewhere secure. You will need this information in the next step.

Image Modified

Facebook Display Option

Your Facebook content will display as a list on your site. This is displayed to the right.

Cascade Steps - Site Settings

In Cascade, you will need to tell your site which social media account you've authorized for use on your site. To do this:

  1. Edit your site-settings file.
  2. Look for the Social Media area.
  3. Input the Facebook username (the username you entered in #3 in start Authorization).
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Click on Submit.

Cascade Steps - Page

In Cascade, you will also need to set a page up to display this social media. Your feed can go on any page of your website. When you decide on a page, go to the page in Cascade and do the following:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Select the column where you would like to place your feed and set it to Social Media.
  3. In the column drop-down, set the social media dropdown to Facebook.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Click on Submit.