Alert Bar Updating for Departments and School Websites


To have a specific alert bar setup for a department or school website, you must first request it by going to and creating a web request.


This will outline the instructions to update the red alert box on your department web page(s).

  1. In Cascade, navigate to the alert page inside the your website. It will be in a folder called _alerts, and the page will be called alert-department.

  2. Go into Edit mode on this page.

  3. Make any necessary changes within the editor that appears. You can add links, lists, bold content, etc.

  4. Submit your changes. This means you will go through the normal workflow steps just like you would any other page edits. NOTE: These changes go through an auto-publish workflow and you won’t need to wait on technical review.

  5. Double check your alert published to your web page(s). Your website page(s) should have automatically published to your live website if you completed all of the above steps.

Step 1

Step 3


If you experience any issues with this process, please let us know at