Directory Management System

The Directory Management System (DMS) is a backend user interface (UI) which allows for the creation, modification, and deletion of data from the Directory. The Directory is the front end portion that anyone using the Internet can navigate to and see University of San Diego (USD) employee listings. This database contains faculty and staff contact information and biographies that are then displayed throughout USD's websites.

This is a web-based application accessible at the following location:

Please note that maintainers cannot add photographs or other images into the DMS. To add a picture, please submit a web request via

It is a department's responsibility to manage the directory entries on their website.


The Directory has three unique distinguishing characteristics.

  1. All data is imported from the Human Resources (HR) Banner system. This means that you should never have to create a profile. A minimal amount of information should already exist for an employee if they are currently employed at USD in an "active position," and that position is not listed as "Casual Worker Staff" in the HR system.

  2. Because each human is limited to a single listing in the Directory, multiple roles are added using the Permissions section of the Manager. In this manner, a single employee can be displayed in multiple areas with different titles.

  3. Depending on where on the USD website a user finds the Directory, their view will already be filtered. E.g. If a user reaches the Directory from the SOLES homepage, it will display full-time SOLES faculty by default.

Back-End Manager

Front-End Website


Any maintainer on the USD website can log in to the DMS using their MySanDiego username and password. In the event that you do not have access, please create a request at with your username as well as the department(s) you work in to be added to the system.

Logging In

In your browser, go to You can log into the system using your MySanDiego username and password.

The Form

Immediately after logging in, a page displays an unfiltered list of all current profiles. A section for your permission levels (your role) in the DMS and a dropdown filter at the top also display.

Display All Profiles for a Specific Department

Use filters to narrow returned results. Not all departments have valid sub-departments or sub-units. If any of the following filters have no options, only the word Filter will display when the filter is clicked. Returning any filter to the top and selecting Filter effectively removes the filter. As each dropdown is selected, a new dropdown will appear for next category.

  • Office/Department

  • Sub Department

  • Sub Unit

Search for a Profile

To search for a specific person, use the Filter Results Field.

Filter Results Field

Results are returned on the fly. Only listings for current employees already present in the HR Banner system and who already exist within a department to which your profile has access are displayed.


  • William - Is a USD employee and is already has a role within your department. He will appear on the default list.

  • Veronica - Is a USD employee but does not have a role within your department. She will not appear on the default list. To find Veronica, you will have to click the Add Profile button and use the search feature on the USD Employee Search Page.

  • Bernard - Is a new USD employee and does not have a role within your department. He does not appear on this list. Clicking the Add Profile button and searching for him on the USD Employee Search Page also fails to return a result. This is when you should contact HR at

The Filter Results Field can be used at any time with or without other filters. Typing in it returns all entries which contain any of the entered data in sequential order.

For example: Typing in the letter j will return every single entry with the letter j in it. However, typing in jo will not return results without an instance of jo consecutively appearing somewhere in the entry. Filtering for j would return both John and Jessica, but searching for jo would only return John.

To clear the Filter Results Field, remove all text, spaces, or other data within the field, or click the closing "X" that appears when any data is present in the field.

Modify a Profile

To modify a profile that already exists, find the profile to modify using the steps in the Search for a Profile section above. To delete that profile, click the Delete option. To edit the profile, click Edit.

Clicking Edit displays the entire Profile Editor Page. This page strongly resembles the Profile Creation Page, but contains many more fields for filling out additional information for a profile's biography.

Once all fields are filled out appropriately, click the Submit Button to save the profile changes.

Add a New Profile

Adding a profile is only used to import a current employee that is already present in the HR Banner system but who does not already exist within a department to which your profile has access. If the employee does not already exist anywhere in the HR Banner system, contact HR at

Add Profile Button

Click the Add Profile Button to add a profile to your department. The USD Employee Search Page displays. This page ensures that a user checks the directory to confirm that they are not about to create a duplicate entry. No duplicate entries should exist. Each person should only have a single profile.

This search area will allow you to search for employees in the HR Banner system, but that are outside of your departmental permissions.

Search By

Select either Name or Username for the search.

Include Students Checkbox

If students should be included in the search, check the box for Include Students.

Boolean Search Dropdown

Use the Boolean Search Dropdown to select either OR or AND.

An OR search will return the largest number of results as it will search for both the first and last names. The OR search is the default setting, as most users will only use a first or a last name for a search.

An AND search will return fewer results as both the first name and last names will have to be present in a single entry for it to return.

First Name

This field can be used to search for a profile by the person's first name.

Last Name

This field can be used to search for a profile by the person's last name.

Search Button

Once the criteria for a search has been inputed, clicking the Search Button will return any applicable results on the same page.

If no results are returned, click the Create a manual entry only if USD account is not possible Button.

Add Permissions and Roles

Permissions in the DMS are handled with the assignment of roles.

Add New Role

Click anywhere on the long section for Add New Role to add a role to a new or selected profile. The green plus sign will change into a minus symbol and the section of the Permissions field will expand.

Your Current Role

This dropdown allows admins to modify their own permissions in case they ever need to use a specific selection for the creation of a new role for another profile. This option is not typically used.

Leader Option

The Directory displays entries alphabetically by last name. Checking the Leader Option will force a new listing scheme for that entry, making the entry appear at the top of the list. If more than one profile for the same department or other listing is marked as a leader, then the entries will appear alphabetically by last name before the rest of the entries.

A dash is the default selection for the for the Leader Option. This will keep the entry within the standard presentation method. Click the dash to change it to Yes to list someone as a leader in that field. Leadership can be added to Office / DepartmentSub Department, and/or Sub Unit.

Override Title

Some people have multiple titles for different departments in which they work. By default, the DMS uses whatever title that the Human Resources database has listed for the person. If they require a different title for a specific role, type the required title into this field.


Currently, Directory is the only available option for this field.


Group refers to both the employment status for the entry, as well as the permission level for the DMS itself. Multiple roles frequently have to be added to the same profile and into the same departments, but which have different group values. For instance, to list a staff member on the front end Directory page who also needs access to editing the DMS, their profile would need one role for Staff, and a second role would need to be added for Maintainer.

Below is a list of what each group option entails.

  • Web Admin: Permission. Can modify anything in the DMS, including other Web Admin accounts.

  • Directory Admin: Has permission to modify anything in the DMS other than Web Admin accounts.

  • Maintainer: Permission. Most common permission assigned to staff. Allows for the creation and modification of most profiles in the DMS.

  • Temp: Temporary Status. Automatically assigned for recent entries that don't yet have data from the HR Banner system.

  • Staff: Status. Used for full-time staff members.

  • Administration: Status. Used for administrators.

  • Full-Time Faculty: Status. Used for full-time faculty, such as professors.

  • Adjunct Faculty: Status. Used for adjunct faculty.

  • Faculty Emeriti: Status. Used for professors emeriti.

  • Visiting Faculty: Status. Used for visiting faculty that may need to appear in the Directory.

  • Affiliated Faculty: Status. Used for affiliated faculty.

  • Alcala Club Members: Status. Used for Alcala Club Members.

  • Student Interns: Status. Used for student interns.

  • Board of Advisors: Status. Used for advisors.

  • Graduate Assistant: Status. Used for graduate assistants.

  • Part-Time Faculty: Status. Used for part-time faculty.

  • Research Faculty: Status. Used for research faculty.

Listing Dropdowns

Listing Dropdowns define and restrict roles for a profile. The more listing dropdowns selected for a profile, the fewer places it will appear or have privileges over on the Directory. The fewer listing dropdowns selected for a profile, the more places it will appear or have privileges over on the Directory.

The listing dropdowns are used for where on the Directory to place the particular role being added. Selecting College of Arts and Sciences will make that profile appear on every Directory page for the College of Arts and Sciences, but only if no subsequent listing dropdowns are selected. After a first selection is made, a new listing dropdown will appear for Sub Department. If a selection is made for Sub Department, then the profile will cease to appear on every listing for the Office/Department, and will only appear on every listing for the Sub Department and the Sub Unit. If a selection for Sub Department is made, then the last listing dropdown, Sub Unit, will appear which can be used to further narrow the number of listings in the Directory this new role will appear under.

When all of the options are selected, click the Add Role Button to add the role to the profile. It will add on instantly.

The screenshot above depicts the same profile with two nearly identical roles. The first role enables this profile to appear on the Directory. The second grants that user Maintainer permissions in the DMS to add and modify profiles and roles that only fall under the College of Arts and Sciences > Languages, Cultures and Literatures > Japanese Sub Unit.

Faculty Extended

This section allows the user to add specific information to the profile. Any field left blank will not display on the front end.


Select a file to attach a syllabus to the profile. Use the Plus and Minus buttons to add or remove additional syllabi.

Remove a Profile

To remove an individual from the directory system, click the Delete option for that profile in the directory listing. 

This will hide the profile from displaying on the website based on the roles deleted, but the biography and photos etc. are retained for later use.

When ready to display the profile again, add the appropriate role back in to show the profile on the website.

USD Employee Record

This section can be used to add the title, email, extension, and office location to the profile.

Forward the link under To update information within this section, please forward the link below to the employee listed in this profile so they can use it to update their profile.

Reorder a Leader

A specific department must be selected under the Office/Department filter before this option can be enabled.

Once a department or additional filters have been applied, selecting Yes on this toggle will display only the profiles labeled as leaders in that section.

This will allow for dragging and dropping the leaders into a preferred display order.

School of Business Research Contributions

This option is only available for the School of Business.

Clicking the option for Edit Selected Publications from Digital Measures, will pull any data from Digital Measures for that profile. Select which options to add to have their research appear with their profile.

Employee Headshots

Professional high-resolution headshots are required for the USD directory. For an employee with a previous professional headshot they'd like to use for the Directory System, attach photographs or other images to your ticket via our online web request form ( and note the employee's name and the URL of their department's directory so that the photo can be cropped and posted. Please note that photos that are not professional quality will not be accepted or posted to the website.

To have a high-quality headshot taken for an employee, contact Allen Wynar in Digital Media Services to find out when his next headshot opportunity is scheduled. Allen will provide the taken photo to the web team for posting to the Directory System within 1 week of the headshot session. Please note that it is the department's responsibility to post the corresponding employee entry to the website before the headshot can be loaded.