Image Optimization

This document reviews how to optimize images for the web. If you need to optimize your PDFs for the web, see our documentation on PDF Optimization.

Optimizing your images reduces your file size and makes your pages faster. At USD no file can be placed on the USD web server through Cascade Server that is larger than 1 MB. This helps ensure that the web experience is as fast as possible for site visitors.

It is important to resize images in an image-editing program such as Adobe Photoshop and specify each image size at its actual pixel dimensions (width and height) for the browser. If Photoshop is not available, free online software is an acceptable substitute for optimizing images.


  1. Open your file in Preview (Macintosh only). 

  2. File → Export and drag the Quality selection to make the file size smaller. You will see the File Size field adjust accordingly. 

  3. Save to complete the process.

  4. Use Cascade Server to upload these new images to your website.

Online Image Compessor

Use the following instructions to use TinyPNG, which is an online image compressor. The tool requires that the original images be no greater than 5 MB to start.

  1. Visit the following URL in an online web browser:

  2. Drag the image file into the "Drop Your PNG or JPG Files Here" area. You can compress up to 20 images at the same time.

  3. TinyPNG compresses your images. 

  4. Click on Download to download your newly optimized image(s).


  5. Use Cascade Server to upload these new images to your website.