Content Maintenance Framework

The framework is a series of questions to facilitate the management of web content.

Content Worksheet

Definition and Planning

  • Purpose, audience, and action

  • What is included in the content? (Images, video, biography, data)

  • What is the life span of the content? What time of year is the content most relevant?

Writing, Maintenance, and Roles

  • Who writes the content, and ensures it is up to date when changes occur?

  • Who places the content on the website?

  • Are additional roles needed? (For approval, collaboration, etc.)

Review and Evaluation

  • Periodic reviews needed

  • Use evergreen content where possible.

  • Review criteria?

  • Who conducts the review?

Part 1: Getting Started

  1. What is the purpose of the content?

    1. What goal do you want to accomplish with the web content?

  2. Who is the primary audience of the content?

    1. If there are multiple audiences, prioritize them.

  3. What do you want the visitor to do, or be able to do, after consuming the content?

  4. What is the life span of the content?

    1. Is the content relevant year-round, specific to an event (one-time or recurring), or more important during specific times of year (spring vs. fall)?

  5. What is included in the content?

    1. Images, video, biography, links to internal content, links to external content.

Part 2: Content Generation/Creation

  1. Who writes the content, and is responsible for content updates as the information changes?

  2. Who places the content on the website, and maintains changes on the website?

    1. The writer and web maintainer do not have to be the same person.

  3. Are there any other roles needed for the creation or maintenance of the content?

    1. The roles may be broad or narrow, depending on the need.

Part 3: Content Review/Evaluation

  1. How frequently should the content be reviewed for accuracy and relevance?

    1. Even static or "evergreen" content should be reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure the content is still needed, and is in the appropriate location.

    2. Criteria for review may vary.

  2. Who is responsible for reviewing, and updating content if needed?